About Us

When we decided to start, we looked over the other on-line pharmacies. In all, when you clicked on the about us link, you will see “we are an enormous company, no no we are bigger or we are the biggest in the world..." or “we have been in the business for 60 years” and some companies say that “ we have been in the business for 160 years” and another company says that they have been in this business since big bang etc... :)

We have no such  claim.

We are not an enormous company nor a old company. We are just three friends doing this job. One of us is a pharmacist and he owns a pharmacy since 2006. Another of us is a veterinarian and he works in a pet hospital for the health of our cute friends. Another of us is a marine biologist and works as a curator in a big public aquarium.

Why we decided to do something like this?

We started to sell medical supplies on ebay as a hobby roughly 2 years ago. We served high quality products to our customers with reasonable prices and best shipping options. We had so  many positive feedbacks and many customers demand other products for human and animal healthcare. As we mentioned that it is impossible with the ebay policies, they encouraged us to start an on-line pharmacy.