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Marketed as Lipex in New Zealand and some countries, Marketed as Zocor in US, Canada and Europe

Related Names: Apo-Simvastatin, Arrow-Simvastatin, Zocor, SimvaRex, Simvastatin Tablets

Active Substance: Simvastatin

Brand Name Manufactured by: Merck Sharp &Dohme

Generic Equivalent Manufactured by: Various Generic Manufacturers


Zocor is a medicine used to lower levels of total cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol), and fatty substances called triglycerides in the blood. In addition, Zocor raises levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). Zocor is a member of the class of medicines called statins.

Cholesterol is one of several fatty substances found in the bloodstream. Your total cholesterol is made up mainly of LDL and HDL cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol is often called “bad” cholesterol because it can build up in the walls of your arteries forming plaque. Eventually this plaque build-up can lead to a narrowing of the arteries. This narrowing can slow or block blood flow to vital organs such as the heart and brain. This blocking of blood flow can result in a heart attack or stroke.

HDL cholesterol is often called “good” cholesterol because it helps keep the bad cholesterol from building up in the arteries and protects against heart disease.

Triglycerides are another form of fat in your blood that may increase your risk for heart disease.

You should stay on a cholesterol-lowering diet while taking this medicine.

Zocor is used in addition to your cholesterol–lowering diet if you have: a raised cholesterol level in your blood (primary hypercholesterolaemia) or elevated fat levels in your blood (mixed hyperlipidaemia)

a hereditary illness (homozygous familial hypercholesterolaemia) that increases the cholesterol level in your blood. You may also receive other treatments.

coronary heart disease (CHD) or are at high risk of CHD (because you have diabetes, history of stroke, or other blood vessel disease). Zocor may prolong your life by reducing the risk of heart disease problems, regardless of the amount of cholesterol in your blood.

In most people, there are no immediate symptoms of high cholesterol. Your doctor can measure your cholesterol with a simple blood test. Visit your doctor regularly, keep track of your cholesterol, and discuss your goals with your doctor.

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Patient Information Leaflet: https://www.medicines.org.uk/emc

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Zocor Tablets 10 mg

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